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    Play 3 Holes of Golf With Ann
    $70.00 $50.00
    Play three holes with PGA Golf Professional Ann Loughlin. Ann will help you with:
    • Your Swing
    • Course Management
    • Uneven Lies
    • Putting
    • Your short game
    • Drives
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    Gift Certificate – $25
    $25.00 $20.00
    Download a $25 gift card for use with any on-line and/or physical product or lesson with Loughlin Golf. Use it yourself or send it to your friends or family.
  • Swing Trainer
    If you invest in just one tool for your golf game, make it this one. The All-In-One Swing Trainer reinforces the correct setup and builds the muscle mechanics you need for a proper swing. Includes fully adjustable components for golfers of any height and breaks down for easy storage and portability.

    All-In-One Swing Trainer (2pk) Features

    • Fully adjustable components guide proper setup and swing mechanics
    • Builds the inside-square-inside swing path that eliminates slices
    • Helps eliminate head movement, hip sway and coming out of your swing
    • Fully adjustable for golfers of any height
    • Breaks down for easy storage and portability
  • Formed Grip Guides
    Pre-formed training grips affix permanently on a club or dowel to train a player how to place the hands on the club. Available in Men's RH/LH, & Junior RH/LH.
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    Power Swing Fan
    $69.99 $59.99
    One of the easiest and most effective products for increasing distance and control available anywhere because it produces maximum resistance at impact. Pick it up and swing it and you'll be on your way to a better swing technique, longer drives & lower scores.
  • Golf Stretching Pole
    The Golf Stretching Pole is available as a straight 'standard' model or a Tour model which features a hinged handle. The Tour model can be converted back to a standard model. Most people are not ready to swing fully because they lack the proper flexibility. But now, with the Randy Myers Golf Stretching Pole, you can stretch the muscles necessary to make a big, full swing. It also complies with USGA Rule 14-3 and may be stored in the golf bag for use while you play.
  • Holster
    A cost effective new clip that allows for standalone video on almost any outdoor surface. Whether you are an occasional or avid golfer, you are going to absolutely love The Holster. Utilize your time on the range without the hassle of traditional video stands or such as tripods. When developing The Holster, ProtoSports wanted a video capturing system that was light, portable, and at the player's fingertips when practicing. The Holster saves both time and money. All you need is The Holster and an alignment rod. It aids in producing consistent feedback during training and eliminates bad camera angles and shaky videos caused by human error. The product is incredibly versatile. Some of the most crucial shots from around the green require good mechanics, and are often times overlooked. All of these can be captured by using The Holster.
  • Pocket Golf Pro
    Take Your Pro's Advice, Anytime, Anywhere. Before you play simply record personal tips from your pro into the Pocket Golf Pro.
  • Wrist Tac-Tic
    It's been written and said by all the great teachers and players that the "moment of truth" in golf is at "impact". Great players all look slightly different from each other, when they swing the club, but at impact they look incredibly similar to one another. At impact, their lead wrist is flat, allowing them to deliver the clubhead squarely and powerfully with a great deal of consistency
  • Figure 8 Strap
    An elastic strap shaped like a figure 8 that is one of the simplest yet most effective learning tools ever developed to teach a connected, torso controlled swing. Simply slip the Figure 8 Strap over your arms above the elbows, and you will immediately feel a connectedness of arms and body. When you swing the club, the left arm will feel like it is leading the downswing while the right elbow is being pulled in toward your swing center.
  • The Foot Wedge
    The Foot Wedge is a high-impact plastic wedge designed for use on driving range mats and grass. This product was developed to teach proper balance, the most over-looked area of the golf swing. Especially helpful in reducing swaying and maintaining a steady swing center by keeping your weight on the insides of your feet.
  • Angled Lead Extension
    The ‘flip’ is a very common swing fault, which can produce fat shots, where you hit too much ground before the ball, and is often seen with chipping, pitching and the move through impact in the regular swing. The key to good contact, is to lead with the ‘lead arm’. With the Angled Lead Extension, you will learn how to do ‘just that’, ‘leading’ you to more solid shots.


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