Ann’s Book

I have spent the last 2 years compiling and writing thiswoman_with_anns_book book. It is a story of my 22 years of golf lessons and the life and golf lessons that have been learned by both my students and myself.


“My passions are golf, life and stories. How fortunate then, for me to present The Golf Letters, Tee Tales, which embrace and entwine these three passions. Teaching golf has been my career for 22 years. Golf’s aura, soul, charisma, charm, simplicity, complication, subtleties, intricacies, and elusiveness are the characteristics I’ve tried to portray in The Golf Letters.  After observing thousands of hooks, slices, topped balls, fat shots, pushes, fades, missed putts, made putts, cries of anguish, cries of delight, frustrations, joys, thrills and so much more, I realize…”

Steven Pressfield, The Legend of Bagger Vance author, was most gracious in writing my Foreword.


“I’ve taken lessons from a lot of pros over the years.  Ann Loughlin is the best I’ve ever worked with, and when you read this book you’ll understand why. Golf is a game of imperfection.  Imperfection equals humor.  The Golf Letters is loaded with that commodity and what’s best is its “Annie humor.”  Ms. A. Loughlin, LPGA/PGA, sees the world through her own quirky prism.  Not every vignette in this collection is a belly laugh or a knee-slapper; many are wry observations, subtle commentary.  The humor arises out of innocent misunderstandings, sudden insights and the curious ways that golf humbles and enlightens us all.  The story of the baby owl is like a Zen koan; there’s more wisdom in its few short paragraphs than in entire novels.  Annie’s “comma story” (I’ll say no more) is worth the price of admission all by itself. What makes Annie so good on the lesson tee is not just her knowledge of the swing and the game…”





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