New Way of Thinking

Let Ann give you  a new way to approach to your golf game. Lose your old attitude and adjust to a better game.


Improve Your Entire Game

Improve your entire game. You can enhance your chipping game while increasing your drive distance all the time you are putting better.


Longer Drives

PGA Professional Ann Loughlin thoroughly covers the topic of hitting a golf ball for maximum distance in your game. With a history of over 30 years of golf instruction experience there is no golf professional more qualified to teach golfers how to hit the ball longer — not only with the driver, but with all your clubs!


Better Chipping

You’ve been told that your worst putt will probably be better than your best chip, so you putt when you can. And most of the time when you chip, you still want the ball to roll more like a putt. But sometimes you need to play a chip shot that checks up quickly, perhaps because there’s danger if the ball rolls too far. For those times, you need a chip shot that spins.


Retina Ready Graphics

With the logo on your golf ball aligned at the proper aiming point, it should be easy to set the putter face to this line. Often, it’s helpful to have a putter with lines or marks to help visualize the alignment. Make sure your arms are hanging freely, that your eyes are over or slightly inside the ball/target line and, most importantly, that your shoulders are square to the target. I use an old cd on the ground at address to check my eye-line position.


Better All Around Golf

From longer drives to more consistent putts to a sharper mental approach, Ann will improve your game from start to finish.

Showcase your new game to your friends

Let Ann take your game to the next level

Putting Drill
50 Yard Wedge Shot
Ann in Bunker



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